Pet Sitting and Dog Walking service based in Corby, Northants.
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Dog walking and pet sitting service based in Oakley Vale, Corby, Northants.

Dog Walking and Pet Sitting Service

Amy and Sophie

Amy and Sophie’s owners went to Alton Towers for the day, unfortunately dogs aren’t allowed on roller coasters so the girls had to stay at home. We popped around at lunchtime to take them for a walk, and give them some fuss, so they didn’t miss out too much.

Vicky Says “i was able to fully enjoy my day out at Alton Towers because i knew Caroline was there to keep an eye on my two dogs and she took them for a lovely long walk. My dogs love her !”



Tiggy’s Mum and Dad wanted to go away for the weekend but couldn't take her with them. we went to feed her and take her out for a walk in the morning, and then went to play games and say goodnight in the evening.

Helen Says “I wanted a friendly and reliable service that allowed Tiggy to be in her usual environment, feeling safe and secure. By having Pet Company come and visit Tig’s to give her food, water, walks, fuss and attention at various times of the day, meant that she did not suffer the stress of going in to kennels. “

Frija and Thalia

Frija and Thalia came to stay at our house when their mum went abroad to a wedding in Morocco. We looked after them, letting them have the run of our garden whilst we were about. We even got free eggs !!

Helen Says “Pet company provided excellent service looking after my chickens, ensuring that they were safe and secure from predators, fed, watered and clean while I was away on holiday. Its quite hard to find someone willing to care for chickens. Having Pet Company look after them meant that they were safe and happy.”


Graham’s mum had a last minute invite to stay with a friend for the weekend and found the local cattery to be full. Graham the moggy stayed home, where he was visited by Caroline of Pet Company who gave him his dinner and fuss while Jane was away.

Jane Says “I have a greedy cat who would eat everything in one go if I left out food for a weekend so this sort of service is ideal. Many cats do not like the stress of a car journey and would much prefer to stay home. I found the service to be good value for money. Caroline even watered the hanging baskets for me"


Toby’s Parents were having a day out in London but weren’t coming home until very late, They were able to walk Toby before they went so we just popped around in the afternoon to make sure he was okay and to let him into the garden  for a play.

Jo Says “Having Pet Company visit Toby allowed me to relax and enjoy my day out with complete peace of mind".

Meg and Tigger

Meg and Tigger’s owners went on holiday to Ireland for a couple of weeks and didn’t want to confine their cats to a run at a cattery whilst they were away.

Paul and Karen Say The first thing we did after confirming our holiday booking was to ask Caroline if she would mind just popping in twice a day just to feed and water the cats.

Knowing that Tigger and Meg would be looked after, meant we could really relax and enjoy our holiday.

Upon our return we came back to two very happy cats. We found that not only had the cats been fed, they had also been well and truly fussed andpampered


pampered, and had a good play time each day! The post and newspapers had been collected, the house security was checked over, and the curtains were opened each morning and shut each night. Even the plants had been watered!

We really could not have asked for any more a professional service than we received. We have, and will continue to heartily endorse Pet Company’s service to anyone.”


Honey’s family went on holiday to the south of England and asked us to take care of her whilst they were away.

Peter and Louise said “We used Caroline of Pet Company to care for our Labrador Honey whilst we were on holiday. We found Caroline to be very pleasant and polite and Honey really took to her. Whilst we were away, Caroline checked on Honey several times a day, went round in the evening and turned on our lights for us, and checked the whole house. We also received daily updates by text on how Honey was doing. When we returned Honey was very relaxed and seemed to enjoy having Caroline looking after her.


We will certainly use Caroline’s services again and would have no hesitation in recommending her services to anybody.”


James’ owner Ethan, and his mum, Sharon, went away for a week to stay in a Mongolian Yurt, in Monmouthshire. Sharon didn’t want to leave James (the stick insect) at home in case her husband forgot about him. So he came to stay with us, We foraged for fresh brambles or privet each day and sprayed his tank with water to keep the humidity higher.

Sharon Said “Thank you for taking such good care of James. I will definitely use Pet Company again”.

Ella and Hamish

Ella and Hamish’s owners work really hard, and can’t get home at lunchtimes to give them the exercise that they need, so we take them for a good walk and make sure they are nice and sleepy for the afternoon.

Steph and Rob Say “We have been using the services of Caroline at Pet Company on a weekly basis since September 2009. We have been delighted with the dog walking service Caroline provides and leave our two much beloved Labradors Ella and Hamish with complete peace of

mind. Caroline is committed to animal welfare, and the animals within her care, as well as developing superb relationships with her human clients.

Caroline is reliable and incredibly considerate, making sure our dogs are clean (Sometimes a shower has been needed after a naughty Labrador has discovered something 'nice' to roll in) and our home is intact (even hoovering up after a door mat was reconfigured with a bit of chewing) for our return home in the evenings.

Caroline works closely with pet owners to ensure continuity in care and training. We have seen a real difference in the behaviour of our dogs since working with Caroline! We would all be lost without her!”



George, the King Charles Spaniel, and his three feline pals, Pippa, Star and Mimi get to have the house to themselves when their parents go away on holidays or for long weekends. We feed them in the morning and Afternoon, take George for a nice walk and then tuck them up in bed at night.

Jane and Robin Say “One of our cats is on a diet and needs to be fed seperately. Caroline visits three times daily, walks George, our dog, and even sits with him for some time at night to keep him company. The real pleasure for us is knowing that our animals and house are looked after well and that George doesn't have to go into kennels. I use Carolines service regularly now and would recommend Pet Company to anyone.”




George, Pippa, Star and Mimi.
Millie, Ernie, Shadow, Clara Cluck, Ethel and Pegarty

Millie and her friends’ family went on a long holiday to America and needed someone to take really good care of their animals whilst they were away. We went in each morning to feed and water, fuss the cats, let the chickens out and collect their eggs, and then the same again in the evening. We also fed the fish in the aquarium and the pond.

Claire Says “It was really nice to have a local person come and look after our pets while we were off enjoying ourselves. We felt that they were all in the safe hands of Caroline, from the 3 clucky chickens, the 3 cats needing a few extra minutes for a stroke and the numerous fish. All were given the care they needed. We also had the peace of mind that someone was going into the house twice a day and collecting any post from the mat. Thank you Caroline and we will use you again the next time we all go away!”



Sadly Rosie is not in the best of health. When her mum needs to go out for any length of time we go to give her company and make sure that she is okay.

Elaine Says “Our wee Rosie has heart problems and lots of other health problems too. If we have to go anywhere and Rosie can’t come, well Caroline is our treasure. There are not many people that I trust to come into my home and look after wee Rosie. Caroline has come into our hearts, she has lots of patience and kindness for Rosie. Caroline has gone beyond what you expect of her duties.”