Pet Sitting and Dog Walking service based in Corby, Northants.
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My name is Caroline, I am 41 years of age and live in Oakley Vale, Corby, with Martin, my husband of 17 years. By setting up Pet Company I have fulfilled a life-long ambition to work with animals.


Since childhood I have had a love for, and a desire to care for  animals,  whether  large or small,  furry or scaley ! I  have had an enormous variety of pets including, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, geckos, birds, mice, gerbils, snakes, hamsters, fish and even a praying mantis. Currently I have two cats, a short haired brindle called Milly, and a mackeral tabby called Pickle. I also have a Kenyan Sand Boa called Shelby.




Dogs are also a huge part of my life. All my close family and friends have always owned them, so I am comfortable with all breeds, shapes and sizes. Unfortunately I don’t currently have enough room to own a dog of my own so I am always “dog napping” them to give me an excuse to go for a walk or hike which is my other main passion, and I am also always on hand to look after friends and family’s dogs when needed.


Because of my love of animals, and my reliability, I was always the first person that friends, family and colleagues ask to pet sit for them. Several of them suggested that I should do this for a living which is why, in 2009, I decided to set up Pet Company.


Please have a good look around the website and if you have any questions about the service, or would like to arrange a free consultation then please contact us.


cat feeding service available
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reptiles, snakes, hamster, rabbits, cats and dogs we can look after all of these and more

Dog Walking and Pet Sitting Service


Dog walking and pet sitting service based in Oakley Vale, Corby, Northants.

Caroline providing a Dog Walking Service.